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Alternative to TCE for spot removal?

P2 Tech -

Does anyone have recommendations for an alternative to TCE for spot removal on
clothes in a garment manufacturing plant?  An assembly plant in the Pacific
Islands stores 55 gallon drums of TCE, and they are dealing with potential
contamination from leaks and spills when workers transfer the solvent to
individual spray bottles (by sucking on a tube to start a siphon!). As far as I
know, the TCE is used for spot cleaning either prior to sewing or before things
are packed and shipped - I don't think there is a subsequent washing step, but
I'm not sure. If not, the alternative would have to be fairly volatile, so the
clothes would dry quickly. I looked on SAGE, but it's not really geared toward
garment processes.

Thanks in advance.

John Katz
P2 Coordinator
EPA Region 9