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Re: Dry Cleaners

Margaret, Global Technologies has a cleaning process which incorporated the technogogy which you are interested in.  Their web site is, http:// www.globaltechno.com, you can find a report which discribes their process.
An inventor of detergents for use in liquid carbon dioxide cleaning systems is a founder of MiCELL Technologies.  Their website is, http://www.micell.com/main.htm.  They have some interesting reports listed.
Deflex Corporation website, http://www.deflex.com/snow.htm,  has a report titled , Precision Cleaning using Thermal-Ionized Gas (TIG)  Snow Cleaning Technology.   Their cleaning process uses carbon dioxide. 
I have some other information which, I will send to you, will be of interest.

Leo Lujan
>>> "Nover, Margaret" <MARGARET@BES.CI.PORTLAND.OR.US> 02/24/00 12:18PM >>>
Does anyone have experience with a "new" dry cleaning technology that uses a
biodegradable soap dissolved in liquefied carbon dioxide?  

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