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Re: BMP for golf course herbicide management

You may want to check out the following documents:

- Florida DEP, "Best Management Practices for Golf Course Maintenance Departments,"


- Environment Canada, Fraser River Action Plan, "Greening Your BC Golf Course:  A Guide to Environmental Management"  Information on this publication available at:


Kevin Greene
Illinois EPA

>>> Karl DeWahl <dewah001@tc.umn.edu> 02/28/00 10:38AM >>>
This is a question Donna Peterson from MnTAP wanted to pose to P2tech:

Does anyone know of a manual that outlines Best Management Practies (BMPs) for herbicide / pesticide use at golf courses?
Or alternatively, a golf course that has implemented a good herbicide use program?

Karl DeWahl
email: dewah001@tc.umn.edu 

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
Minneapolis   MN  55455-2008
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