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Re: BMP for golf course herbicide management


Checkout the United States Golf Association (USGA) website at

USGA is a non-profit organization consisting of more than 9,100 private and public golf courses, clubs and facilities. 

USGA has a "Green Section" whose activites include "include funding research
to develop improved strains of turfgrass that require less water and are more tolerant of stress, and the promotion of environmentally sensitive construction and maintenance

They may also be able to put in contact with a local course that has a model program for
herbicide/pesticide us.

Good luck,

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>>> Karl DeWahl <dewah001@tc.umn.edu> 02/28 11:38 AM >>>
This is a question Donna Peterson from MnTAP wanted to pose to P2tech:

Does anyone know of a manual that outlines Best Management Practies (BMPs) for herbicide / pesticide use at golf courses?
Or alternatively, a golf course that has implemented a good herbicide use program?

Karl DeWahl
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