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RE: solvent recovery

It would be useful to know what difficulties were encountered in specifying a condenser for this application.

Related to this question, assuming the solvent used is combustible, I suggest looking at tightening the enclosure or installing one, and using a recirculated innert gas like nitrogen as a means to stay out of the explosive limits.  This should allow a lower gas recirculation rate and higher vapor concentrations in the gas stream, which will lower ultility and condenser costs.  Such a system would require oxygen sensors and safety procedures.  This has been used on large coating lines.

Finally an etiquette aside -I received you message as a text attachment,  if this was intentional as opposed to an artifact of the software you use, I ask that you avoid attachments in the future.  Even if it is slightly more work for you to copy/cut and paste - it saves your readers all a step, which can be quite substantial in aggregate on a mailing list like P2tech.

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Subject:	solvent recovery

Dear P2 Tech,

Greetings from the Great not-very-White North.  
I am currently working with a company who uses solvents to manufacture
membranes. Product reconfiguration is not an option.  The solvents are
driven off of large belts to form the membranes. The firm would like to
collect the solvent vapors, then condense and distill them. The firm has had
trouble finding a company that will provide a condensation unit for them
that will work with their setup. I have forwarded him a few names from the
Thomas Register, but was wondering if anyone has worked on a similar project
or has any good contacts or case studies. I already have good contacts for
solvent distillation units. 

The technical qualifiers are as follows:
-endpipe flowrate = 150 cfm
-firm typically emits 10-20 tpy
-80 hour per week, 2 shift plant.

Thanks for your help.