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Re: drum reclamation

Line the drums up.  Rinse the first one with a
little cleaner or solvent as appropriate to former
contents.  Use that rinsate to rinse the second
one, etc.  After rinsing all drums, go back and
rinse first one again, and use that rinsate to
rinse all the drums again.  Do it a third time.
If necessary (and likely to be for some later
drums) do it a fourth or fifth time.  I have seen
50 drums rinsed by a total of five gallons of
solvent.  The drums were clean and reusable and
the solvent and material recovered went into the
process (the best place to rinse drums to!) since
the solvent was also used in the process.

Alternative is not to rinse at all but to recycle
drums to be refilled with the same material that
was in them in the first place -- it is called


Ralph E. Cooper, Ph.D., J.D.
14139 Woodstream
San Antonio, TX 78231
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From: Kelly D. Moran <kmoran@tdcenvironmental.com>
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Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 10:54 AM
Subject: drum reclamation

>Does anyone know anything about pollution
prevention for drum
>reclamation?  Is their any non-burning
alternative for drum cleaning?
>Kelly Moran
>TDC Environmental