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Re: P2 for paint shops

NEWMOA published a brochure, in cooperation with the states in our regions,
to assist auto body shops in using lower VOC coatings.  As of January 1999,
only lower VOC coatings are available on the marked due to a federal
regulation limiting the VOC content of auto refinish coatings manufactured
and sold.  The brochure provides direction on the mixing and application of
these coatings, as well as some other P2 tips.  A PDF version of the
brochure may be found on our websites at
http://www.newmoa.org/Newmoa/htdocs/publications/auto/autocoat.pdf, or
contact me for hard copies.

Andy Bray
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA)
129 Portland Street, Sixth Floor
Boston MA, 02114
(617) 367-8558 ext. 306
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Subject: P2 for paint shops

> Are there any good EPA web sites etc. that provide valuable information
> on P2 and recycling at automotive paint shops.  I am looking for
> guidelines that a shop can follow in order to minimize/recycle wastes.
> Thanks
> Dan Webster
> Colorado School of Mines
> Environmental Science and Engineering