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Re: Great Lakes Power Plants

Yes, applying a silicone coating to water intakes can effectively reduce
some types of macrofouling problems.  This works especially well against
things like mussels and clams that like to attach themselves to the sides
of intake basins and grow.  Some of them eventually detach and can clog
condenser tube sheets, which can cause a whole host of problems.  The
silicone coating makes it tougher for these critters to attach to the sides
of the intake basins; it also makes it easier to clean out these areas when
manual cleanings are performed.

Other types of macrofouling, like weeds and grasses, can be controlled by
debris filters that capture and remove the problem materials before they
get into an intake basin.  There are also a number of non-chemical methods,
known collectively as on-line condenser tube cleaning, for dealing with
microfouling and scaling that occurs inside condenser tubes.  On-line
cleaning systems have been used worldwide for many years and have greatly
reduced, or totally eliminated, the use of biocides in many cases.

>Gordon, John, and other P2TECH colleagues--
>You may find some recent demonstrations of silicone-based antifouling
>coatings by the Dept of Defense's Environmental Security Technology
>Certification Program (ESTCP) relevant to your query.
>The demonstrations were conducted by several utilities (Consumer Power, Bay
>City, MI; Ontario Hydro, Nanticoke, ON; New England Power, Brayton Point,
>Somerset, MA) indicating successful inhibition of fouling in water intakes.
>Other demonstrations were conducted on ship and boat hulls.  Unlike
>conventional antifouling coating, toxic metals are not leached from silicone
>based coating.
>See the following websites for more detail on cost and performance--
>I hope this is useful.
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