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RE: lab safety listserves


During Calendar Year 1999, Argonne National Laboratory, a federal research
facility, and the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center (WMRC), a
state agency, jointly conducted a Pilot Project entitled "Chemical Waste
Minimization in the Educational Laboratory." Four Chicago area secondary
schools volunteered to participate. 

To view the Final Report go to:   http://WWW.ANL.GOV/P2/library.htm ,  go to
1999/2000 Chemical Waste Minimization in the Educational Laboratory and
click on Main Report. 

Keith Trychta
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
Argonne National Laboratory

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Subject: lab safety listserves

	I am doing research on the reduction of chemical waste streams in
school science labs and restructuring chemical inventories.  I am searching 
for any useful tools to be used for this purpose.  Do you know of any 
listserves in particular that address lab safety.  Any help would be 
appreciated.  Thank You.
					David Monaghan