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Greetings All:

A chemical manufacturer pulls a vacuum on a reactor using a series of
steam ejectors.  This vented material contains small amounts of acrolein
along with various fats and oils.  The acrolein is a by-product of the
reaction.  The steam and vented material are sent to a direct condenser
where water contacts the mixture.  Most of the acrolein goes into the
water.  The water is discharged to the sanitary sewer where the acrolein
level is several ppm.  The water also contains fats and oils and other
biodegradable material at levels of 1,000 ppm.

Can anyone suggest a strategy or technology to eliminate the air and
water discharges of acrolein?  The manufacturer does not know of any way
to change the reaction chemistry to avoid the acrolein by-product.  How
is acrolein treated in air or wastewater?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Rob Michalowicz
Chem Process & Environment Inc.
e-mail:  rob.michalowicz@sympatico.ca