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Recovery of CFC's from Refrigerant Oils

We currently have a oil waste stream from several large air conditioning
units (industrial size for cooling building space of several 100,000 square
feet).  This oil is from the large compressors and contains >1000 ppm of
CFC's (I believe it is R-12) dissolved in the oil due to oil/refrigerant
contact in normal operations.  We would like to send the oil to a processor
who will recover the CFC and recycle both the oil and CFC rather than use it
in fuel blending.

Does anyone know of a processor who does this type of recovery?   Any help
will be greatly appreciated.

Dale Francke
Pratt & Whitney   M/S 717-03
P.O. Box 109600
West Palm Beach,  FL  33410-9600

561.796.3733 (w)      561.796.2787 (fax)
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