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Re: Reducing Chloride Corrosion in Municipal Solid Waste Fueled Boilers

I suggest you check into the Nickel Development
Institute (www.nidi.org).  This issue has beem
addressed recently, and I believe that their
researchers might also be able to help.  NiDI's
interest, of course, is promoting the use of
nickel, in this case in the form of high-nickel
alloys that are extremely corrosion resistant.

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Subject: Reducing Chloride Corrosion in Municipal
Solid Waste Fueled Boilers

> March 11, 2000
> Hello
> Municipal solid waste (or trash) is often burned
in a
> boiler to generate power. Compared to
traditional fuel
> burning (like coal, or oil) the municipal solid
waste has
> a high content of plastics and other materials.
> material contain chlorides. At high temperature
> these chlorides are released in the hot gases.
When the
> hot gases come into contact with the boiler
tubes, the
> chlorides in the vapor cause corrosion of tubes,
and as
> result, damaging the tubes.
> The approach taken by the industry has been to
> tube metals when corrosion starts. This creates
> pollution problem and is an expensive approach.
> P2 basics suggest elimination of chloride
substances from
> the burned municipal waste. This is not a
> solution. Actually, as more paper gets recycled,
> plastic content of the municipal waste will
> The question is: Are there suggested approaches
> prevent the corrosion of these heated tubes? Is
> possible to inject some chemicals into the
boiler, or add
> chemical(s) to the municipal waste that will
capture the
> chlorides and reduce the corrosion.
> I welcome any comments or ideas. Thanks.
> Ihab Farag
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