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Re: Measuring pollution prevention performance: metrics


The most useful metrics I have seen from the industrial sector tie P2/waste 
reduction directly back to a product and a product's cost center ("waste 
reduction per unit produced), because then you can show a direct correlation 
between specific P2 actions taken on a product and specific savings or 
increased revenue related to the product. That makes P2 very easy to track 
and to sell. I am sure you will receive a number of responses from folks 
familiar with industrial operations, so I will defer to them.

I am more familiar with measuring P2 in the government sector (federal 
facilities), or in the mostly fixed cost arena (such as support organizations 
not tied to a product line) where there is no product and no central cost 
center, let alone profit or revenue. Often costs related to an operation are 
split between programs (one organization does the work, another cleans up 
afterward), so the cleanup organization actually fights efforts to reduce 
waste because it impacts their budgets. In these cases one of the best ways 
is to set a baseline and compare waste reduction with the baseline. Of course 
changes in mission, products, raw materials, etc. all make this a moving 
target at best.

If you would like more info about performance measures in these areas let me 
know and I can put you in touch with some excellent sources.

Best of luck,

Mark Boylan
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