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Food Waste - ideas for avoidance and reuse


Our office is coordinating a grant program which funds projects in the
commercial and industrial sectors.  One of the four waste streams which has
been targeted for funding this year is food waste.  Funding is available
only for avoidance and reuse projects - which excludes composting.  Due to
health and time factors, food is different from most other waste streams.
As a result potential applicants are struggling with ideas for fundable

Some of the suggestions we have given include:
1.  Diverting raw materials or reclaiming unused raw materials back to the
original production process or to another manufacturer.
2.  Reusable pallet or shipping container system for delivery
3.	Reuse of packaging - take back program
4.	Designing packaging to minimise waste generation
5.	Food bank approaches are a possibility but been funded in past
rounds - duplication.

We are looking for other suggestions or case studies we can pass on the
potential applicants.  All suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks in advance.

Greg Newman, Waste Programs Unit
New South Wales, Environment Protection Authority
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