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Re: Shipyard Sandblasting/Manual Paint Chipping

I could not tell whether equipment change is possible, but I recently
researched the different types needle- and impact-descalers for a client,
and they would certainly help.  I think these were first marketed for
removing lead-based paint from bridges, and they suck up the residue as it
is generated by the hammering action.  They are slow, however, perhaps too
slow for your application. I saw one estimate of tripled labor costs, but
the project still came out ahead because of dramatically reduced (hazardous)
waste volumes.

At 11:00 AM 3/15/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Would appreciate any BMPs/ideas on eliminating/reducing sandblast residue
>paint chips from entering water. Not feasible to dry-dock vessel. Also if
>anyone has a good web or email address for the US Navy that might have some
>info on this subject.
>Dick Burns

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