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Re: Measuring pollution prevention performance: metrics

Environmental Defense's Pollution Prevention Alliance program, of which I
am a part, used multiple environmental performance measures normalized by
production or capacity to rank facilities in three industries: vehicle
assembly, oil refining, and integrated steel-making.  These rankings can be
accessed by going to www.edf.org/communityguides, then clicking on the
industry you are interested in, and then clicking on "Facility Rankings."
Also at this website are pollution prevention guides to the industry in
layperson's terms.

Note that this type of approach also highlights states with patterns of
weaker performance -- see "State Rankings" in the oil refining section.
Additionally, those facilities reporting such poor TRI data that they were
unrankable (using specific measures for data quality), are noted.

Lois Epstein

From: "Jenna Latt" <LATTJ@state.mi.us> on 03/15/2000 04:35 PM GMT

Please respond to "Jenna Latt" <LATTJ@state.mi.us>

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
cc:    (bcc: Lois Epstein)
Subject:  Measuring pollution prevention performance: metrics

I was wondering whether anyone have information on corporate or state
programs that are measuring pollution prevention progress or performance.
Usually this is referred to as environmental performance indicators or
metrics and goes beyond the traditional SARA TRI data reporting, "pounds
released" or emissions reporting. For example, measurements used can be
"amount of constituent reduced per amount of product produced," or some
other similar metrics. I am particularly interested in what state programs
are doing in this area.
Are there any websites or reports (specifically report names) I can be
referred to? I have already checked www.epa.gov and the EPA P2 site but I
may have missed a particular report.
Jenna Latt
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality

      Lois N. Epstein, P.E.
      Senior Engineer
      Environmental Defense (Washington, DC)