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Re: Measuring pollution prevention performance: metrics

Thanks for you query! I was just about to ask the same question. I wanted to attach a report we just finished on our Governor's Pollution Prevention Challenge companies, but it was too big for the p2-tech server. This report summarized the achievements of this voluntary program pointed at Colorado's largest Haz. Waste and TRI facilities and typically requiring reductions in Haz. Waste or TRI usage/emissions. If you would like an electronic version, reply just to me and I will send you one.

We are becoming more diverse in our goals for this program to include other air emissions, energy and water conservation, solid waste reductions, etc. We try to get these diverse goals into pounds, kilowatts, gallons, etc, per year so they can be aggregated for the group. We also try to get  dollar savings but have much difficulty in collecting this

Where companies will provide the information, we also adjust for changes in production using a Production Index similar to the one in TRI. 

One area we have trouble with is distinguishing the reductions from "true P2" as opposed to reductions from "end of pipe" or outsourced changes. That being said, certainly the vast majority of the results achieved by our Governor's Challenge companies represent "beyond compliance" efforts.

Following the lead of Indiana's TRI program, we also do a calculation for the state "P2 Progress". I can send electronic versions of this as well.

A quick comment on the metric Bob Pojasek described. I certainly am supportive of the quality connection to P2; the environmental improvements can be very impressive. Though, if I understand it correctly, the Baldridge metric will not show environmental reductions in pounds/gallons/kilowatts per year. As many of you well know, there is increasing pressure to provide this or similar results to justify continued funding or staffing. 

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