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Re: Pay scales

By coincidence, I was reading an article in Money magazine on the way to work
this morning in which columnist Borzou Daragahi responded to a  similar, if more
general question, by recommending the following web sites:
Bureau of Labor Statistics (stats.bls.gov)
Economic Research Institute (www.erieri.com)
WageWeb (www.wageweb.com)
Salary.com (www.salary.com)

pjohnsen@unr.edu on 03/16/2000 11:38:09 AM

Please respond to pjohnsen@unr.edu

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  Pay scales

Does anyone know where I can find pay scales for environmental positions
within general industry?
I understand there are large fluctuations depending on schooling and tasks
involved with the position, so this may be too broad of a request.
Peter Johnsen
Hazardous Waste Management Specialist
Business Environmental Program
University of Nevada, Reno