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Re: Measuring pollution prevention performance: metrics

The Baldrige metric does indeed show environmental reductions in physical
measures.  Category Seven - Results - requires an organization to measure
its environmental performance this way.  However, it must also measure
environmental performance in financial terms - what did the organization
realize from the P2 effort?  What gets scored is the environmental
performance SYSTEM - did the organization pick the right performance
measures, how were they measured and trended, did they get trended against
other companies???  This is what allows a direct comparison between
organizations that do very different things.  The state P2 program DOES NOT
lose the physical measures that it needs to count beans.  I just wanted to
correct this item.

At 12:30 PM 3/16/00 -0700, you wrote:

>A quick comment on the metric Bob Pojasek described. I certainly am
supportive of the quality connection to P2; the environmental improvements
can be very impressive. Though, if I understand it correctly, the Baldridge
metric will not show environmental reductions in pounds/gallons/kilowatts
per year. As many of you well know, there is increasing pressure to provide
this or similar results to justify continued funding or staffing. 
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