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NIPR newsletter, March 2000


Dear Friend:

The World Bank's annual Environmental Forum will be webcast live on Monday,
March 20th and Tuesday, March 21st at http://www.worldbank.org/environment.
World Bank's Enviroment Network has been working in recent weeks to set up
webcast which will allow anyone with Internet access the chance to watch this
important discussion concerning the development of the Bank's strategy for
achieving its environmental goals.  In addition, during the Forum's plenary
sessions, those watching the webcast live may participate by asking
speakers and
participants questions by email through a special discussion format.

The live webcast will allow people from around the world to watch and
participate as World Bank environmental professionals and distinguished
international policymakers discuss issues and share their knowledge and
experiences.  These guests include:

   Arcadie Capcelea, Minister of Environment, Moldova

   H.E. Yousef Abu Safieh, Minister of Environment, Palestine

   Victor Ramos, former Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural

   Resources, The Philippines; currently Trustee,  Ramos Peace and

   Thomas Black Arbelaez, Director, Office of Economic Analysis, Ministry of
   Environment, Colombia

   Manuel Rodriguez, Special Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Environment,

   Adrian Fernandez, Director-General for Environmental Information, Instituto
   Nacional de Ecologia (INE), Secretaria del Medio Ambiente, Recursos
   y Pesca (SEMARNAP), Mexico

   Saman Senanayake, Director, Provincial Environmental Authority, Sri Lanka

   Pankaj Bhatia, Vice President, Tata Energy and Resources Institute (TERI),

   Alexander Averchenkov, General Director, Center for Preparation and
   Implementation of International Projects on Technical Assistance (CPPI),

   Louis David Daitz, Chief Executive Officer, Western Cape Nature
   Board, South Africa

   Alexander Golub, Associate, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics,
   Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), USA

The webcast of the Environmental Forum will begin at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time
(2:30 p.m. GMT) on Monday, March 20th with introductory speeches from key Bank
policymakers including Ian Johnson, Vice President of  Environmentally and
Socially Sustainable Development Network, and Kristalina Georgieva,
Director of
the Environment Department.  Following the opening session, there will be a
series of plenary sessions on a range of critical environmental subjects.

   Perspectives on rural development
   Ecology and human development
   Climate variability - natural and human induced
   Disaster management and mitigation
   Environment and health
   Global environmental issues
   Population, development and the environment
   Community participation in improving environmental performance
   How well is the Bank doing on the environment? (Tuesday)
   The impact of the Strategy on regional operations (Tuesday)

We hope that you will be able to watch this live webcast at

http://www.worldbank.org/environment starting this coming Monday at 9:30.  We
think it will be an insightful and informative event.  The Forum webcast will
also be immediately archived for folks who will be unable to watch it live.We
also plan to produce a number of taped interviews with Forum guests and
participants on their views on what role the Bank may play to help improve the
environment in their own countries.  These interviews will be available for
future viewing.

To take full advantage of the webcast audio and video you will need:

- a computer with speakers
- a live Internet connection (a modem connection is fine)
- the audio/video "player" software installed.  You can download a copy of
software for free from:


To see the full agenda, please visit the website (

http://www.worldbank.org/environment).  To participate in the live discussion
forum, please visit

As always, we would welcome your comments and thoughts regarding this
webcast or
other initiatives we are working on.  If you know someone who would be
interested in receiving the NIPR newsletter, feel free to let us know or have
them contact
us directly. If you wish to no longer receive our monthly mailings, please let
us know by writing David Shaman at