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Massachusetts measures of performance

Janet, this message bounced back, but I think just from the listserve.  I
was trying to send it to you, Jenna and the listserve.

Massachusetts has done a considerable amount of work in measuring progress
in P2 and toxics use reduction using our state materials accounting data in
conjunction with the TRI data.  We look at use, byproducts
(production-related waste), amounts shipped in product, and releases to the
environment.  We look at a consistent data set from 1990 to the current
year, for both actual amounts reported as well as amounts adjusted to
account for production changes. (this would be equivalent to your per unit
of product suggestion)

We also commissioned a comprehensive TURA program evaluation a few years
ago to look at what the state had accomplished and whether the program had
had a positive economic impact on the state (the results showed that it

David Herb of MI DEQ (I'm assuming that he is in your office?) has all the
pertinent information on what we have done as well as the publications.  In
addition, the TURA Data is now up on TURI's web site at:


The 1990 to 1997 data is there currently; the 1998 data will be there in a
few weeks.

Liz Harriman

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