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Re: Recycling Grinding Swarf

the EPA, as part of a SEPA, worked w/ Inland Steel Co in East Chicago, 
Indiana to  research recovery options by agglomerating the dewatered swarf 
for reuse in steel mills.  many learnings from the report, and, inland was 
able to recycle waste oxides, reduced off-site transfers of Pb, Cr and Zn.   
Contact:Paul Reusch, 312.886.7598 or Reusch.Paul@epamail.epa.gov

the Clean Washington Center (via EPA funding) is currently finishing a 
research project on metal recovery from grinding swarf.  North Carolina State 
University's Mineral Research Lab is conducting the research.  they have had 
good success in bench scale removal of oil (thru high density scrubbing) and 
other nonmetals (thru decanting).   oil removal achieved 99% to date.  please 
e-mail me directly if you want more info - gaithermj@aol.com