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Re: Recycling Grinding Swarf


You may want to contact INMETCO.  They recycle many different metal-containing wastes, including swarf.  They are located at:

P. O. Box 720   245 Portersville Road   Ellwood City, PA  16117
Office (724) 758-2800    Fax (724) 758-2845

An article on INMETCO's metal recycling activities is located at:


Also, Phoenix Environmental, LTD. (PEL), a consulting firm, has contracted with Timken Co., Canton, Ohio, to construct a facility that uses metal-bearing materials as feedstock in the manufacture of magnetite products.
The ingredients include EAF dust, metal grindings, and scale.    Magnetite is  sold as a raw material to manufacturers of blasting media, shingle granules, pigments and colorants for paint and concrete, and filler additives for plastic.   The feedstocks will be melted in a reactor with an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.   For more information, contact:

Phoenix Environmental Ltd
RR 1 Box 440A, Montgomery, PA 17752-9733
Phone: (570)547-2412

>From a regulatory standpoint, the oil-bearing swarf may be managed as used oil, depending on the states regulations.   Once the oil is removed from the swarf to the point no free liquids are present, the remaining material may be managed as scrap metal.

As far as P2 opportunities, you may want to take a look at the following links:








[Disclaimer:  Ohio EPA  is not endorsing the above businesses by reference to them] 

Arthur L. Coleman, Jr.
Technical Support Unit
Division Of Hazardous Waste Management
Ohio EPA
Lazardus Government Center
122  South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3425
(614) 644-2968
FAX (614) 728-1245

Brian stated:

Know this question was asked last October and I've checked archive for those results, but looking for any reduction or recycling options for grinding swarf that folks might be aware of.  Company makes steel ball bearings.  Had been sending swarf to local landfill where it was being used as part of landfill's daily cover (!)  Because of concerns with oil residue (and apparently some local political issues between the public landfill and company), landfill will no longer accept in any way, shape or form.