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FW: About GEET Technology

Mr Webster:

YES, I have.  After seeing the GEET technology at a local show,  I had GEET inventor Paul Pantone and his associates visit and demonstrate the technology for the Engineering Department at Cedarville College (Ohio)  about two years ago.  Although the technology was not proven beyond any doubt to all who witnessed the demo, in my opinion, it is still worth further investigation. Some think it is a hoax.  I have yet to see documented evidence of third party tests.   However, I am still interested in tracking the success of Mr Pantone.  If the GEET fuel processor turns out to be a reality, the implications are obvious.  

At the heart of the issue is the dissociation of the water molecule into combustible hydrogen and oxygen.  The GEET fuel processor claims to have this capability, but to my knowledge and in my opinion, it has not been demonstrated, yet.  The GEET web site contains no published documents which verify the performance claimed by Mr Pantone.  I find this to be the most disturbing.  

I still think it would be worth the small investment to modify an engine using the GEET technology and perform tests to verify or refute the claims of Mr Pantone.

Mr Pantone can also be heard occasionally on shortwave radio, frequency 5.070 MHz.   Hope this helps a little.

Tim Provens, PE
Environmental Engineer
US Air Force
Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

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		I was looking at the e-mails and came across a site about improving gas
		mileage in cars at the GEET site, http://www.friend.ly.net/GEET/ <http://www.friend.ly.net/GEET/>  .

		Has anyone attempted this technology or knows of anyone that has.  Is it
		worth it to look into.  They show an older Plymouth Duster that gets 92
		mpg.  This type of car is usually lucky to get about 16 mpg.

		Thanks in advance
		Dan Webster
		Colorado School of Mines