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useful statistics

Hi all:

I am looking for some useful statistics to convey environmental indicators
into terms that the average plant worker, engineer or manager can relate
to.  For example, we need to equate the amount of energy used to something
the average person can relate to or visualize.  In addition to energy
statistics, we are looking for factors for:

global warming
pesticides and herbicides
water use

To give you a sense of what we're looking for, we recieved the following
factors from a collegue:

"Some conversion factors we used to determine impacts of paper we use and the
impacts of converting from virgin to recycled content. These conversion
factors were provided by EDF and considers life cycle from growing and
harvesting trees, manufacturing the paper and then recycling the paper
instead of landfilling or burning the waste.

** 3.5 tons of useable tree wood is needed to make 1 ton of paper
** 1 acres of southern plantation forest land will yield approximately 26
tons of useable tree wood.
**  Average household discharges approx. 97,286 gallons of effluent per year
** On average a car discharges approx.11,440 lbs of CO2 per year.
** Average household discharges approx. 4,256 tons of solid waste per year

Thanks in advance,

Tim Greiner

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