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the NTP is planning to look at thimerosol, a mercury additivefound in many vaccines

Title: the NTP is planning to look at thimerosol, a mercury additive found in many vaccines
The National Toxicology Program is planning to look at a variety of chemicals, including thimerosol, a mercury additive found in many vaccines.  See the forwarded message below.

The below message is from a listserv.  Forward as appropriate and apologies for any duplications.



National Toxicology Program; National Institute of Environmental Health
Sciences; Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction solicits
comments on eleven chemicals being considered for further evaluation by the
Center; solicits nominations of other chemicals for future consideration;
and describes the Center's evaluation process.


The National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences have established the NTP Center for the
Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (63 FR 68782, No 239). The
purpose of the Center is to provide timely and unbiased, scientifically
sound evaluations of human and experimental evidence for adverse effects on
reproduction, including development, caused by agents to which humans may
be exposed. The goals of the individual assessments are to (1) interpret
for and provide to the general public information about the strength of
scientific evidence that a given exposure or exposure circumstance poses a
hazard to reproduction and the health and welfare of children: (2) provide
regulatory agencies with objective and scientifically credible assessments
of reproductive/development health effects associated with exposure to
specific chemicals or classes of chemicals, including descriptions of any
uncertainties associated with the assessment of risks, and (3) identify
knowledge gaps to help establish research and testing priorities.

Chemicals Recommended for Further Consideration

The CERHR Core Committee, made up of representatives of NTP-participating
agencies, reviewed chemical nominations for further study and recommended
the following eleven chemicals for further consideration. Dossiers will be
prepared on these chemicals reviewing information on their use, production
volume, and general, reproductive, and developmental toxicity. Selection of
candidate chemicals will be based upon production volume, extent of human
exposures, public concern about chemical hazard, published evidence of
reproductive or developmental toxicity, and evaluation of any additional
information submitted by the public in response to this announcement. The
chemicals to be considered for Expert Panel evaluation in the year 2000 are
listed below with their Chemical Abstracts Service registry numbers (where

1-Bromopropane (106-94-5)
2-Bromopropane (75-26-3)
Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate (DMMP) (756-79-6)
Ethylene glycol (107-21-1)
Glycol ethers (not available)
Glyphosate (1071-83-6)
Methanol (67-56-1)
Nicotine (54-11-5)
Phenol (108-95-2)
Thimerosal (54-64-8)
Toluene (108-88-3)

Request for Public Comment on Candidate Chemicals

The Center invites public comment on the candidate chemicals listed above,
including toxicology information from completed or ongoing studies, and
information on planned studies, as well as current production data, human
exposure information, use patterns, and environmental occurrence. Written
comments received May 4, 2000, will be considered in the review. Please
forward comments and chemical information to: Dr. John Moore, CERHR, 1800
Diagonal Road, Suite 500, Alexandria, VA 22314-2808, Phone: (703) 838-9440.

Request for Nominations for Future Reviews

Nominations of chemicals for future evaluations are also encouraged. Any
individual or organization may nominate. Nominations should include the
chemical name, Chemical Abstract Service registry number (if known), reason
for the nomination, and references or articles on the chemical, when
possible. The nominator's name, address, telephone number and e-mail
address should be included with the nomination. Nominations can be made
through the Center's web site or by mail to Dr. John Moore at the address
listed above.

Review Process

The Center's review process is outlined below:

Chemical Nominations
open nomination process includes interested individuals, NTP Executive
Committee, Federal Agencies, NTP Staff, Labor Unions, Industry
CERHR multi-agency Core Committee
nominations reviewed quarterly by Core Committee made up of NTP
Agency representatives.
highest priority chemicals identified based on production volume, evidence
of reproductive or developmental toxicity, human exposure, public concern.
candidate chemicals transmitted to Associate Director, NTP
Center staff prepares dossiers on candidate chemicals
First Solicitation of Public Comment
Notice of candidate chemicals and request for public comment published in
Federal Register, NTP Newsletter and listserver, and CERHR website
public comments are compiled by Center staff for review by the Core Committee
CERHR Core Committee Review
reviews dossiers and material submitted in public comments
recommends list of prioritized chemicals to Associate Director, NTP, for
final selection.
Second Solicitation of Public Comment
Federal Register notice announces selected chemical(s) and solicits public
comment, new data, information on exposure, and nominations of individuals
qualified to serve on the Expert Panel.
Expert Panel Meeting
the Panel meets in public session to discuss their review of the literature
and to prepare the Panel report.
meeting includes time for presentation of public comments.
Final Solicitation of Public Comment
Federal Register notice announces availability of Expert Panel report and
requests public comment.
Expert Panel Report is submitted for publication in Environmental Health
Perspectives, monograph section
NTP Center Report Transmitted and Published
NTP staff prepares an NTP Center Report on the chemical(s) evaluated
(intended for a readership of non-scientists). This report integrates
background information on the chemical evaluated, the findings in the
Expert Panel Report, a summary of the public comments, and a discussion of
any recent relevant study findings.
the Center Report is distributed to Federal and state agencies, interested
stakeholders, and the public, and is published in EHP, monthly section.
Further information about the NTP Center for the Evaluation of Risks to
Human Reproduction can be obtained through the Center's web site:
http://cerhr.niehs.nih.gov or by contacting:

Michael D. Shelby, Ph.D.
Director, CERHR
P.O. Box 12233
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
telephone 919-541-3455
facsimile 919-541-4634

John A. Moore, D.V.M.,
Principal Investigator, CERHR
1800 Diagonal Road Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22314


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