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Re: on-site wastewater treatment facility for hotels?


There are many options available for hotel(s) wastewater treatment and 
greywater recycling systems.  Technically speaking, technologies exist to 
reuse wastewtaer for non-potable purposes (Zenon technology) and have been 
used for over 25 yeras.  Given the high water and sewer costs in certain 
areas, these recycling systems can be cost-effective.  Dual water delievry 
piping systems are necessary

Greywater separation and treatment/reuse systems are also viable, as noted by 
others, dual wastewater and water delivery piping systems are necessary

Wastewater trteatment and reuse for irrigation and cooling tower purposes is 
another approach that avoids the dual piping requirement of the previous 

Economics, owner preferences, water availability, purified wastewater 
disposal issues, climate/soils and land use are the major issues that drive a 
decision for a particular site.  Costs and operation requirements are 
considerations in system choice.  Constructed wetland treatment systems can 
be integrated with any of these approaches and can be blended with the 

Hope this helps


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