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re: Oil Mist

Perhaps a lead to a partial answer.

Ian Greaves et.al. published a paper: Respiratory Symptoms Associated with 
Aerosols Among Auto Workers, Am Rev Respir Dis, 147:A901, 1993  (American 
Review of Respiratory Disease?)
The study reports average exposures of breathable aerosols for oils, 
soluble oils & synthetics for assembly workers, machinists & grinding 
operators.  This is different than particle size distributions generated at 
the tool, but may be useful depending on how you plan to use the 
To make exposure measurements, the study sampled air by taking 3 size 
fractions in the range of 3.5-9.8u, so some size fraction data for mists in 
the breathing zone is probably available, but it was not reported.  It is 
also not clear if the 3rd fraction was an attempt to collect everything 
smaller than 3.5u or if this size fraction was ignored.

You might try contacting Prof. Greaves, U of Minnesota at 612-626-0900

The average thoratic exposures to straight oils were
	assmebly workers	0.11 mg/m3
	machinists		0.43 mg/m3
	grinding operators	0.75 mg/m3
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Does anyone have information on the size distribution
of oil mist droplets from metal cutting operations or
know who/where I might go for information?

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