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RE: on-site wastewater treatment facility for hotels?-Reply


One rule of thumb that stands up time after time is that the cost of
treating wastewater is always less expensive in a public treatment system
than is a private one. I am not familiar with the system Scott suggests you
look at, but I suspect that what has applied universially in industry would
apply to a hotel. The only caveat is that grey water may not need the level
of treatment that a combined sanitary waste stream does, circumventing the
rule of thumb. The all important question is, "For what purpose will the
wastewater be reused and, therefore, to what level of cleanliness will the
wastewater have to be treated?" When you've answered that question, you
will be able to determine which treatment technologies will meet the need
and what the treatment costs will be on a per 1000 gallon basis. You can
then compare to the sewer rates of the host municipality and determine the
cost effectiveness of this option. Of course, the hotel may want a "green
image" and therefore be willing to pay a premium for such a system.


>In a post to P2TECH, Rita Grech (kangaroo@maltanet.net) asks (in part):
>        > I am looking at the economic and practical feasability of a hotel
>having its own treatment plant or greywater recycling
>        > or treatment plant on site (or sharing one with another hotel
>nearby).  Could you please help me on this issue?
>Rita --
>One approach you may want to look at is being promoted by a company called
>Living Machines, Inc.   They design small-scale biologically-based treatment
>systems that attempt to mimic natural systems for waste water treatment.  I
>don't have any independent info on economics, design or regulatory
>constraints, etc but you can get some basic background on the technology and
>find a contact at the firm by visiting their website
>Hope this helps.
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