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Re: FW: innovative building technologies and funding

On 15 Mar 00, Catherine Dickerson. wrote:

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> > From:	Catherine Dickerson [SMTP:cdickerson@pprc.org]
> > Sent:	Wednesday, March 15, 2000 4:09 PM
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> > Subject:	innovative building technologies and funding
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> > Hello P2Tech-ers,
> > 
> > We are trying to compiling information on a pretty interesting topic:
> > building technologies.  More specifically, we are trying to find out what
> > information is available on financial incentive programs, other than tax
> > credits, that support the adoption of building technologies with P2, &/or
> > other environmental benefits, (possibly including energy efficiency), that
> > are not well known &/or face capital cost barriers.  Any information that
> > can be provided on the programs themselves (if there are any out there),
> > criteria used, and type of activities supported would be greatly
> > appreciated.  
> > 
> > If you are wondering what I mean by "innovative building technologies" the
> > best way I can answer that is with an example - roof top gardens is one
> > that comes to mind.  I'm sure that there are at least other examples out
> > there, and I'll be happy to compile the responses I get from this and
> > other list serves to let you all know what the scoop is.  As always, I've
> > already checked out the archives (not a whole lot there), so there's no
> > need to repeat a message.  Thanks a bunch.
> > 


In response to your inquiry, you may want to take a look at the 
NAHB Research Center's web site.  The Research Center's focus 
is to keep U.S. home builders in tune with new technology and 
changing needs.  

One publication that may be of use to you is the "Guide to 
Developing Green Building Programs."  You can get a hardcopy of 
the guide by going to www.nahbrc.org and clicking on 
"Publications", then to the "A-Z listing."

You can find out about the guide and download the guide (.PDF 
format) by going to http://www.nahbrc.org/xabout.htm and clicking 
on "Current Programs," then the link to the "green builder 
programs" at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps - 

Richard Dooley
Richard Dooley
NAHB Research Center
400 Prince George's Boulevard
Upper Marlboro, MD  20774-8731
ph:  301-430-6242
fax: 301-430-6180