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preventing resin build-up

A question from my co-worker, Paul Lockwood:

"A company that manufactures plastic composites has several spooling
machines.  These machines, not unlike looms, run about 30 separate strands
of string through a resin bath consisting of an epoxy (ER) and a hardener
(Lyndride) before weaving them on a tube winder.  The tube winder consists
of several heated mandrills (rollers) which eventually see a buildup of the
resin mix on them.  After a production run, the operator uses acetone to
dissolve and clean the hardened resin off the rollers.

We are wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to reduce the buildup of
the resin?  The company can't afford anything elaborate like coating the
rollers with Teflon but perhaps there's a coating, like a silicone mold
release agent, which would help prevent the buildup.  Is there, perhaps, a
less toxic solvent which would dissolve the dried resin?

Any help would be appreciated."

Lin K Hill