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Re: School bus routing software

This isn't a direct answer to your question, but another place to look
might be in Solid Waste related publications/organizations.  

I don't know any free or cheap ones off the top of my head, but solid waste
companies use these same type of packages to efficiently plan Garbage Truck
routes.  The local municipality may even have a package that the school
district could borrow/use, or you may be able to find something less
expensive through this route.

Jim Baker
Michigan Technological University

At 11:49 AM 4/4/2000 -0500, jhygnstr@unlnotes.unl.edu wrote:
>Hi!  I'm looking for (affordable) software to plot school bus routes,
>in rural areas, as a P2 strategy. We've done some preliminary web searches
>looked at school fleet magazines, but have only found software for upwards of
>$10,000, requiring megatraining. Neither of these are realistic for rural
>schools. Any ideas?
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