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Re: School bus routing software

Hi!  Good to see you at NPPR.

One of my areas of specialty is solid waste mgt., including collection 
systems for solid waste and recyclables.  Route optimization is a big issue 
in solid waste collection.

At the simplest (and often most practical) end of the scale there is a set 
of heuristic rules that can be used to improve routing efficiency.  A good 
discussion of these rules and their application is in the text Integrated 
Solid Waste Management, by Tchobanoglous, Thiesen and Vigil; McGraw-Hill; 1993.

There are also several computerized routing programs that can be used.  One 
of the most common is called RouteSmart.  Typically this is used with a GIS 
database to plan routes for waste collection, mail delivery, meter reading, 

FYI.  At a solid waste collection short course in June, we will be doing a 
case study of RouteSmart application in solid waste collection.  See

I hope this helps,

At 11:49 AM 4/4/00 -0500, jhygnstr@unlnotes.unl.edu wrote:
>Hi!  I'm looking for (affordable) software to plot school bus routes, 
>in rural areas, as a P2 strategy. We've done some preliminary web searches and
>looked at school fleet magazines, but have only found software for upwards of
>$10,000, requiring megatraining. Neither of these are realistic for rural
>schools. Any ideas?
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