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Bromine manufacturing

Posted for a colleague.  Please cc: any response to


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Subject:            RE: Apr5BromineTech
Date sent:          Wed, 5 Apr 2000 21:18:27 +0530

Dear Mr. Blum
May I request you, if possible to kindly guide us to any company that may
provide the requested technology which would be less polluting than what is
being utilized currently.
Best regards and thanks for your time.
A. Agarwalla

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From:                   "A. Agarwalla" <intermarkmumbai@usa.net>
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Subject:                Apr5BromineTech
Date sent:              Wed, 5 Apr 2000 07:43:02 +0530

Dear Sir
We are interested in purchasing process, know-how, license, basic
engineering, detailed engineering and proprietary equipment if any, for the
manufacture of :-
1800 Tons per annum of Bromine ie. 7.5 Tons per day using cold process,
preferably in a closed continuous loop system to prevent environmental
pollution. We are also interested in Bromine salt technologies.
Can you offer, kindly respond with details of your capabilities,
customer reference list and budgetary offer.
Thanks and best regards.
A. Agarwalla
Prabha House, 2nd Floor
217 Bora Bazar Street, Fort
Mumbai 400001
fax  + 91 22 2625219
tel   + 91 22 2610177


      Lois N. Epstein, P.E.
      Senior Engineer
      Environmental Defense (Washington, DC)