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Fwd: Re: Pulp and Paper

Attached is some information from Michigan on our pulp and paper P2 program.  Hope this helps.


Wendy Fitzner, Chief
Program Management Unit
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan DEQ
P.O. Box 30457
2nd Floor Town Center, 333 S. Capitol
Lansing, MI  48909-7957
517-335-4729 (fax)

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Here are several resources:

The State of Michigan Dept. of Env. Quality has a Pulp and Paper Pollution Prevention Program (P5, which I coordinate). Our website has several case studies as well as the 1999 Annual report and can be found at http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/

The State of Georgia website has a good publication entitled, "An analysis of pollution prevention opportunities and impediments in the pulp and paper manufacturing sector in Georgia ", http://www.georgianet.org/dnr/p2ad/

The EPA has a publication, "Handbook on pollution prevention opportunities for bleached kraft pulp and paper mills," EPA 600/R-93/098 (June 1993).

Hope this helps.

Jenna Latt
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
(517) 373-0604
(517) 373-3675 (fax)

>>> Will Howard <will.howard@ncmail.net> 04/06 11:16 AM >>>
    I'm looking for any reference material on pollution prevention in
the pulp and paper industry.  Case studies, research, anything.  It is
for a core sector section of the North Carolina DPPEA core reference
material being put together on a number of industries.

Thank You,  Will Howard
Environmental Analyst

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center

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