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Recycling Alkaline Batteries, Computer Systems, CRT's and TV's-Reply

Robert Lanphear
Western Regional P2
Information Clearinghouse

In response to your recent request and your "information search,"
a very recent news article in the Phoenix Arizona area stated:

"Chemetco, Inc. (a metal recycling corporation) has introduced a new division to the company. The Computer/Electronics Recycling Division provides a pick-up and delivery site service for business and individuals wanting to recycle computer scrap. The Division will not only take all types of computer scrap, including circuit boards, mother boards, monitors,  power supplies, mainframes, keyboards, and telephones, but will also come and pick them up. Because the results from Phoenix have proved fruitful thus far, Chemetco is planning on launching this service in all of its 13 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada in the near future. Visit Chemetco on the web at: www.chemetco-inc.com/ or call 602-272-8213 or e-mail Chemetcophx@uswest.net for more information."

I do not have any first hand knowledge about this company or its operation.

Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention Unit