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Re: Recycling Alkaline Batteries, Computer Systems, CRT's and TV's

This might be useful

The Electronic Responsibility Initiative Taskforce Presents
The Following Interactive Workshop:

"Electronics Innovations - Solutions, Strategies, & EPR for E-Waste"

Time and Place:

APRIL 28, 2000
8:00 am -4:30 pm
Mountain View City Hall Council Chambers
500 Castro Street
Mountain View CA

Hosted by:

Materials for the Future Foundation (MFF)
Repair, Resale and Reuse Council (RRaRC)
of the Calif. Resource Recovery Association (CRRA)
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
The Electronics Responsibility Initiative Task Force (ERIT)

Goals of the Workshop

To develop a menu of actions that will stimulate extended
producer responsibility in the design and disposal of computer
and electronics including local purchasing resolutions, city
ordinances and purchasing guidelines and state and federal
legislation such as landfill bans, take back programs and
chemical or product substitution.  Ideas from this
workshop will become the blueprint for working collaboratively
to establish more EPR programs in California and in the
United States.

Who Should Attend:

Elected Officials, Solid Waste & Recycling Staff, Internal Agency
Computer Specialists and Surplus Property Program Specialists,
Procurement Officers, Computer and Electronic Reuse & Recycling
Service Providers (for and not-for-profit), Consumer, Environmental
and Worker Health & Safety Advocates, Corporate Product
Stewardship Managers, Government Affairs Managers, Hardware
and Packaging Designers who want to help shape the way
computers and electronics are designed and disposed of at their

"Electronics Innovations - Solutions, Strategies, & EPR for E-Waste"

"Each new generation of technical improvements in electronics
should include Parallel and proportional improvement in
environmental, health and safety as well as social justice attributes.
                        --Motto, Clean Computer Campaign


REGISTRATION -  8:00 am - 9:00 am - Continental Breakfast

WELCOME - Mayor Rosemary Stasek, City of Mountain View
(9:00 am)

II. What Are The Problems:  Increasing Amounts of Computer &
    Electronic Waste  (9:15 - 10:15 am)

~Ann Schneider - Repair, Resale and Reuse Council of CRRA -
"Nuts & Bolts of the Problem - How Much E-Waste is Out There?"

~Ted Smith - Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition - What are the Human
Health & Safety issues and what are the Toxics in Electronic Waste"

~Sheila Davis - Materials for the Future Foundation - "Overview of
California Model Collection Programs"

BREAK - 15 minutes

III. Extended Producer Responsibility Around the US and Abroad
(10:30 - 12:30)

~Tony Hainault - Minnesota Office of Environmental Protection -
"Review of the Results from Minnesota Collection Programs and
the Next Step for EPR"

~Elena Lymberidi - European Environmental Bureau (EEB) -
"Overview of the Economic and Political Response to the Waste
from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)"

~Robin Ingenthron - Massachusetts Department of Environmental
Department - "Banning of CRT's from landfills"

~Isao Kobashi -Santa Clara County Pollution Prevention Program -
"What is the Status of EPR Here In Silicon Valley"?

LUNCH: (12:30-1:30 pm)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Senator Byron Sher, Chairperson, Senate
Committee on Environmental Quality (1:30 - 2:00 pm)

"EPR and the Legislature, What are the Chances of Passing
Producer Responsibility Legislation?"


(Council Chambers)

This session will identify the gaps in existing electronic reuse &
recycling, collection, processing and resale systems.  Participants
in this group will be asked to recommend policies and programs
that include producer participation and investment in local recycling

~Bill Mack - Berkeley Neighborhood Computers - Group Leader
~Ann Schneider &Sheila Davis - Technical Resources People

(Plaza Room)

This group will identify the forms of producer responsibility that
have the best chance of being adopted by local, state and federal
governments.   This group will also work to develop model
resolutions and ordinances for manufacturers responsibility.

~Rick Best - Californians Against Waste - Group Leader
~Ellen Ryan - City of San Jose, Environmental Services
  Department - Technical Resource Person

(Community Room, City Library)

This group will discuss worker health and safety issues and local
"toxic hot spots" caused by chemicals used by computer
manufacturers.  Participants will explore economic and regulatory
tools that can be used by local governments to enforce chemical
phase-outs, bans and safe substitution of chemicals.

~Ted Smith - Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition - Group Leader
~Technical Resources invited


This team will review existing "Design for the Environment"
guidelines, environmental labels and certification programs. They
will discuss local procurement practices and recommend
principles and standards for procuring electronic products with the
goal of reducing E-Waste and pushing manufacturers to move
forward in designing electronics with  the goal of Zero Waste.

~David Stitzhal - MRP President of Full Circle Environmental,
  Seattle WA &  - Group Leader
~Julie Phillips - De Anza College - IT Procurement - Technical
   Resource Person

BREAK - 15 minutes


Sponsored by and our Thanks to:
Alameda County Waste Management Authority
City of Mountain View, Mayor Stasek and City Manager's Office
City of San Francisco, Solid Waste Program


Registration Information:

Registration is $ 35.00.

Some scholarships may be available, contact Ann Schneider at
SchneiderAnn@juno.com for information about volunteering or

We anticipate that this workshop will sell out so please register
as soon as possible to guarantee your place.

Name _________________________________________________

Company Name _________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________

City/State/Zip ____________________________________________

Day Phone __________________________________

Fax Number _________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________

Check/Cash/Credit Card (CIRCLE form of payment)

        VISA/MASTERCARD Number          Expiration Date

Signature  _______________________________________________

To help us plan your lunch, please check your dietary preference?

Vegetarian  ________    Vegan ________    Omnivore _________

Make check payable to California Resource Recovery Association.

If paying by credit card, the name Outsourcing Management Group
will appear on your statement.

Please send me more information about CRRA      Yes___

You can email this registration form to CRRA at CRRA@aol.com
or fax it to 916 451-9150
Or by mail to:

PO Box 162789
Sacramento, CA 95816

For Pre-registration questions contact CRRA at crra@aol.com

or call us at 916 441-2772 (CRRA)


>From FWY 101 north or south, take Shoreline Exit in Mtn.View.  Head
south towards the Coastal Mountains, cross over the railroad tracks
and make a left on California Avenue. Make another Right turn on
Castro Street.  Go up one block and make a right on Mercy.

City Hall and the Performing Arts Center are the large pink stucco
buildings on the corner.  Drive to the end of the building and look
for the sign for underground parking, make a left and find parking
under City Hall/Performing Arts Center.  Additional underground
parking can be found under the library, which is the next driveway
after City Hall/Performing Arts parking.

You can also take Silicon Valley Light Rail and CALTRAIN to the
Downtown Mountain View Station.  You will be facing downtown
Mtn. View as you exit either train, head to your right to Castro Street.

City Hall is four blocks or a  mile walk up street.

Robert Lanphear wrote:

> We are doing an information search for latest "state of the art" and
current technologies used to recycle (NOT REUSE) the following items:
> 1. Alkaline Batteries
> 2. Complete Computer Systems including Monitors and Printers
> 3. CRT's
> 4. TV's
> Also, if you have information, how are these items being handled in your
own local area; are there any unique processes or methods being used to
encourage recycling within your own state?
> Thank you in advance for any information you may send.
> Bob Lanphear
> Western Regional P2
> Information Clearinghouse
> P.O. Box 806
> Sacramento, CA 95812-0806
> 800-700-5854
> (fx) (916) 327-4494
> rlanphear@dtsc.ca.gov