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Re: School bus routing software

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>Subject: Re: School bus routing software
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>Dear Jan Hygnstrom:
>Try contacting Mark Daskin, Ph.D. at Northwestern University and Rick
>Church, Ph.D. at The University of California at Santa Barbara. Each is  an
>expert in routing and location analysis and eacj has developed superb
>software. David Eaton, University of Texas at Austin
>At 03:30 PM 4/4/00, you wrote:
>>Hi!  I'm looking for (affordable) software to plot school bus routes, 
>>especially in rural areas, as a P2 strategy. We've done some preliminary 
>>web searches and looked at school fleet magazines, but have only found 
>>software for upwards of $10,000, requiring megatraining. Neither of these 
>>are realistic for rural schools. Any ideas?
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