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FW: Information on cost of waste

Dear P2Techers:

I received the following question from a college student in NY.  While I was able to provide some limited perspective based on our programs here in Minnesota, I'm hoping some of you may be able to suggest additional leads, particularly with the second question asked.  

Please reply to Rajesh directly at <Rajesh.Tolani@msdw.com> with any assistance you can provide.


Mark Snyder
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

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> Sent: 	Tuesday, April 11, 2000 11:01 AM
> Subject: 	Re: Information on cost of waste
> Hi
> I am doing a paper on cost of waste for pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries. This paper is for a class on Environmental Management and Strategy at Stern Business School - New York University
> Our basic presumption for this paper is that companies can exchange their "waste" in order to create a more efficient business process.  However, there are some prerequisites before this waste can be exchanged.
> Hence in order to size this exchange-like market we need to know the size of existing waste, its costs and what kind of process-based industries would be likely target users of this market.  So my question is 2 fold:
> 1) Are there states that have a "waste feedstock" program.
> 2) Are there some research papers, documents on chemical processes that give information on chemicals, waste products of one company that can be used as inputs to another.
> Thanks
> -Rajesh