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Solar Power


Suspect several of you can refer my colleage to a website or two. See his
request below.


>From: "Caretti, Ralph" <rcaret5@respark.rttonet.psu.edu>
>To: PENNTAP Technical Specialists <PTP-TS@respark.rttonet.psu.edu>
>Subject: Solar Power
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:23:55 -0400
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>Hello all,
>I have a trout nursery that would like to investigate using solar power at
>their nursery to power a small air pump.  Their is currently no power at
>their site.
>Does anyone have any information I could give this person, or has anyone had
>a similar case?  If so, let me know, as I think I have a case for you.
>I can find out specifics on the pump if needed.
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