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dentists who have pledged to go Hg-free?

Title: dentists who have pledged to go Hg-free?
I received the below query; can anyone help her?

Please  reply DIRECTLY to:  KatieandMic LeBel" <lebel@clinic.net>

and cc the listserv (if appropriate) and myself:  ScD18@WasteReducitonRememdies.com

Thanks! and apologies for any duplications.

Hi Stephanie,

My name is Katie LeBel and I am the public relations manager for Recycline, a company that makes a recyclable toothbrush from recycled materials.  I am compiling a list of "alternative" dental professionals and wondering if you also have a list of dentists who have pledged to go mercury free.  Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Best regards,
Katie LeBel

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