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Green Munitions


"After nearly 20 years of effort, researchers have achieved the synthesis of
octanitrocubane, a compound that could be one of the most powerful
nonnuclear explosives known. What's more, the compound fits another of the
military's requirements for an explosive: Its byproducts won't hurt the
environment. [Philip E Eaton (University of Chicago)] notes, "It can kill
you, but it can't be toxic."  Octanitrocubane should burn into carbon
dioxide and nitrogen, he says.

Even though octanitrocubane may pack a powerful punch, it's safe to handle. 
"The nice thing is it's shock insensitive, unlike TNT," says [Peter M.
Gehring, a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Testing].
"It won't blow your leg off carrying it around.""

Science News, 22 January, 2000

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