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Re: street sweeping

The sweepings certainly contain lead if the sweepers operate in urban 
areas. UC did some research on Cincinnati sweepers several years ago and 
found the presence of asbestos-like fibers. I have not heard of anyone 
recycling the sweepings, I think it all goes to landfills.

My expertise in the area of street sweepers is limited to the question of 
efficiency of cleaning.  We tested a variety of brands and types for a 
project several years ago to determine which ones were most efficient at 
cleaning paved surfaces.

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Subject: street sweeping
Author:  Bruce Suits at city-emp-safe Date:    4/18/2000 4:00 PM


Thought you might want to see the inquiry below.  It makes me wonder about 
what else might be in the "sweepings" e.g., lead, which also makes me 
wonder about what the sweepings would be "recycled" into.  If you have any 
thoughts about this, please feel free to respond directly to Deb Foster or 
you can send an email to me.  Thanks!


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Subject: street sweeping
Author:  "Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention" <c2p2@sarnia.com> at 
Date:    4/18/2000 3:08 PM

Hi everyone
We have a client interested in street sweepings.  They would like to know if 
anybody is recycling their street sweepings and if so what exactly is being 
done with them?  The sand that street sweepers collect is high in salt 
content and at this time it is being landfilled.  Does anyone have any 
information or contacts for alternatives to landfilling the sweepings?
Deb Foster
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention 
100 Charlotte Street
Sarnia, ON  N7T 4R2
Fax: 519-337-3486
Email: c2p2@sarnia.com