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Re: Aerosol Brake Cleaner Alternative

There are several options for less toxic brake cleaners as well as refillable bottles that reduce aerosol can waste and costs dramatically. See the info at www.epa.gov/region09/p2/autofleet and you can order the excellent factsheets and videos as well.

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>>> Denis Bégin <begind@mdtrav.umontreal.ca> 04/15/00 09:09AM >>>
At 15:35 00-04-14 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello all,

>I have two automotive shop related questions.
>1) I am looking for an alternative to an aerosol brake parts cleaner for
>our mechanics.  Currently they are using a product manufactured by Tisco
>called CRC Brakleen, Brake Parts Cleaner.  This product contains
>tetrachloroethylene (TCE) as a main ingredient along with some other
>hazardous chemicals.  Not good for employees breathing the fumes!  The
>product is used to de-grease prior to assembling the brakes.  Are there
>any non toxic or less toxic products for brake cleaning available in
>aerosol or spray cans?  What other alternative products should I be
>looking into for brake cleaning operations?

The Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA, Santa Monica, 
CA) recently completed a project to test and demonstrate water-based brake 
cleaners as replacements for aerosol brake cleaners containing 
perchloroethylene (PERC) and other toxic solvents.  For further info : 

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