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(Fwd) GBlist: Green Hotelier


The following post was on the Green Building listserv - I thought 
folks on the P2Tech listserv who are addressing P2 issues in 
hotels might be interested in the post - enjoy.

Richard Dooley

Hello Rolf & Bion:
    Annabel was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of the January
issue of "Green Hotelier"; "Magazine of the International Hotels Environment
Initiative". [www.ihei.org]

    I think DOE/NREL/FEMP & all Greenbuilders on this Forum could benefit
from this magazine. For example, Issue #17 features Part Two "Kitchens" --
"Lessening Impacts and Reducing Costs".  In a case study of a hotel in
Japan, annual savings of $1.5 million were achieved by implementing just a
few of IEHI's initiatives.
         "Water and energy are very expensive in Japan and the annual bill
for just the kitchen used to be US$1.42million - 18% of the hotel's total
water and energy bill."

    Does FEMP know how much waste comes from Army, Navy, Marine & Coast
Guard kitchens? I'll wager they could benefit from this case study in the
Yokohoma Grand Inter-Continental Hotel in Tokyo.

    Many of the recommendations in this issue will be of interest to
Greenbuilders in categories such as: 1. Design/construction, 2.
Equipment-purchase and use, 3. Hygiene and food safety issues, 4.
Resource-saving initiatives [Water & Energy], 5. Waste reduction, 6.
Purchasing/hotel sourcing.

    Each Category lists between 3 and 17 of IEHI's initiatives. Just a
fraction have been discussed on this Forum; some with conflicting

    For example, here a few kitchen-related initiatives quoted from the 17
listed in Category #4.

        "Heat on-demand or combination boilers enable a supply of constant
hot water without the need for storage tanks"
        "Install sub-meters so you can keep track of your energy use in
        "Limit stored hot water to 60*C (but no lower, due to the risk of
        "Check to see if the amount of hot water can be reduced"...
        "Reclaim waste heat from chillers through the use of heat recovery

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