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Reminder: April 27 First-Ever Flexo Training, with Up-to-the-Minute Shop Towel Update

Less than one week to go till the "High-Performance Flexo: Printing with a 
Cleaner, Greener Image" videoconference on April 27.  If you work in 
flexographic printing, or are involved in any way with environmental issues 
affecting flexo printers, don't miss this unique opportunity.  As part of 
this live event, you'll hear from Jim O'Leary of EPA about the latest 
developments in EPA's efforts to develop a national policy on management of 
used launderable shop towels and disposable wipes.  We'll also take you 
inside several flexo print shops to see first-hand how they have reduced 
costs and improved environmental performance through improving their choice 
and management of the inks and solvents, and improving platemaking methods.

For a list of registered downlink sites across the U.S. and Canada, check 
out http://www.pneac.org/vc00/downlinks.html
While you're there, check out the 5-minute on-line preview!  To register, 
contact the person listed for the site where you would like to attend.

-Wayne Pferdehirt
Wayne P. Pferdehirt
Director, MEPP, http://epdweb.engr.wisc.edu/mepp/
Co-Director, PNEAC  http://www.pneac.org
Specialist, SHWEC, http://www.uwex.edu/shwec/
tel 608.265.2361
fax 608.262.6250