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Re: marinas

Peter -

Broward County (Florida) has worked closely with the marina community
through their Department of Natural Resource Protection.  I don't have a
web site for them, but I have retrieved information about their program
through the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
(http://www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/).  Look for a document called "Pollution
Prevention in the Marinas of Broward County, Florida" by Espejo, Smith, and

Jon Hudson

At 09:33 AM 04/21/2000 EST5EDT, Peter Crawford wrote:
>Does Anyone know of a compliance guide for marinas,
>that they could point me to?  I am also looking for any
>web-based or cd-rom RCRA training tutorials (I know about
>the Colorado one only).  Appreciate it, as I hate re-inventing the
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