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Re: reuse for garnet sludge

At 10:36 AM 4/21/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I would like to ask the list if there are any suggestions for facilities
>which cut metals using high pressure water.  A finely powdered stream of
>garnet is added to the water as an abrasive and quickly settles to the
>bottom of the tank.  This "sludge" is currently being pumped out and
>disposed of.  Large pieces of metal are removed, but the sludge surely
>includes a substantial amount of metals and other cutting materials.
>Any ideas for the beneficial reuse of this product?
>Alvin McGrath
>Industrial Pretreatment
Hi Alvin,

I thought one of the advantages of garnet blasting media was that it can so
easily be separated and reused as blasting media.

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