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Any results? FW: dentists who have pledged to go Hg-free?

I called up the American Dental Association.  No such list that they know of
or have heard about.  I noticed that no responses appeared on P2Tech.
Anybody have any luck with this?
ADA's website has the following news release from November of 1995 that
talks about amalgam and the  HEALTH  effects of mercury, but nothing
mentioned about the environment.
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> From: 	Stephanie C. Davis[SMTP:ScD18@WasteReductionRemedies.com]
> Sent: 	Friday, April 14, 2000 5:52 PM
> Cc: 	Moulton, Peter T
> Subject: 	dentists who have pledged to go Hg-free?
> I received the below query; can anyone help her?
> Please  reply DIRECTLY to:  KatieandMic LeBel" <lebel@clinic.net>
> and cc the listserv (if appropriate) and myself:
> ScD18@WasteReducitonRememdies.com
> Thanks! and apologies for any duplications.
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> Hi Stephanie,
> My name is Katie LeBel and I am the public relations manager for
> Recycline,
> a company that makes a recyclable toothbrush from recycled materials.  I
> am
> compiling a list of "alternative" dental professionals and wondering if
> you
> also have a list of dentists who have pledged to go mercury free.  Any
> assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Katie LeBel
> katie@planetfriendlypr.com
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