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FW: Paint gun washing and metal cleaning

The Aerospace NESHAP addresses paint gun cleaning and provides four options
which are intended to reduce HAP emissions (and VOC emissions) due to paint
gun cleaning.  These options are

Option 1: Enclosed System [63.744(c)(1)(i)]
	* clean spray gun in an enclosed system that is leak checked on a
monthly basis. Enclosed
systconsits of forcing cleaning solvent through the gun.
Option 2: Nonatomized Cleaning [63.744(c)(20]
	* without the use of atomizing air, clean the spray gun by placing
cleaning solvent into a
pressure pot and forcing the solvent through the spray gun into a waste
container that is
closed when not in use
Option 3: Disassembled Gun Cleaning [63.744(c)(3)]
	* clean the disassembled spray gun by hand or by soaking in a vat
that is closed when not in
use or during soaking
Option 4: Atomized Cleaning [63.744(c)(4)]
	* force cleaning solvent through the gun and spray directly into a
waste container that is
fitted with a device to capture the atomized solvent

These options were extracted from the Aerospace NESHAP Summary of
Requirements document located at URL

In addition, the use of an aqueous cleaner would obviously be an
improvement.  This might cause problems with the steel (due to oxidation,
rust) but a rust inhibitor in the cleaner would probably solve any oxidation
problem for a short time.  Use of water based/water cleanup paints would
allow the guns to be cleaned with water and would even eliminate the VOC/HAP
emissions due to painting. 

Hope some of this works or at least gives you some other ideas to try.
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> Subject: 	Paint gun washing and metal cleaning
> Does anyone have an idea of what can be substituted for lacquer thinner
> that is used for cleaning paint guns and steel parts that will be painted.
> I have a business that contacted me who would like to eliminate/reduce
> their VOC emissions and HAPs from paint gun cleaning operations and metal
> cleaning (predominantly steel).
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